Saturday, June 10, 2017

Smiley's (aka....) School Year in Review

Last but never least is Smiley.

For a while now I think I could have switched up the nicknames and graced her with Hannah's ~ Sassy!
But instead, I will use her actual name, Alayna.

This kid is Sassy, Spunky and a bit Dramatic!

Alayna had a great school year.  She likes school for the most part.  
She does well academically and loves to be around her friends.

 (Alayna's first day of 2nd Grade)

(Alayna's last day of 2nd grade.  Notice the black eye?!  She was playing volleyball at a graduation party with 
some teenage boys and took a volleyball to the eye ~ YIKES!)

This kiddo is strong willed and typically has a lot of ideas going on in that head of hers, from what I should make for dinner, to how she could re-arrange her room and to planning parties with the neighbors that she forgets to tell me about.  

Last fall she was fascinated with mermaids (and still is).  She decided for her 8th birthday she wanted to have a mermaid themed party.  Before she was able to celebrate with friends, we were able to celebrate with family at my sister's house in another state.  My sister was sweet enough to get her a lovely mermaid cake!

When we were finally able to schedule a "friend" party she wanted to continue the mermaid theme.  
She went swimming with a few friends, then back to our house to celebrate "under the sea"  with food and fun.

Besides her fall birthday, she had a couple of other fun fall events:

Pheasant hunting with family (she walks alongside the hunters and tries to scare up birds)
and Halloween

However, much to her brothers dismay, she wanted to be like him and chose to be Robin Hoods Sister ~ HA!

This 2nd grade year was a big year for her at church.

She made two sacraments, Reconciliation and First Communion.

She had to learn a lot and was very proud of her accomplishments ~ as were we!

Alayna is spunky and definitely has some not so great moments with her siblings (and hubby and I if I'm being completely honest here).  
But she does love her family and is always cheering her siblings on

as long as we aren't in the volleyball gym for too long!

Like I said, she loves her family ~ once in awhile I'll wake up to notes like this one (her spelling has gotten better since this first one)

She loves spending time playing, laughing and simply just hanging out together

She is adventurous and full of life! I can't wait to see where she goes!

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