Thursday, September 8, 2016


Now to bring you up to speed on Action.

He is 12 1/2 years old and just started 7th grade.

School is definitely not his favorite place to be and his lack of organization skills doesn't help, but we work hard to help him do his best.

He doesn't really like to read, but he did devour The Treasure Hunters series by James Patterson this summer ~ helps that it was interesting and a bit of an easy read for him!

He still has dimples that can light up a room.

Enjoys playing golf, baseball and football.

He is definitely an almost teenage boy and can find humor in the silliest things....objects and smells....I know, disgusting!

Much to his dad's chagrin, he likes to stick up for me!

He was gifted a remote control boat this summer and it has been the best thing ever!  He really enjoys driving it around the pond behind our house.  Only downer was when it ran out of battery power in the middle of the pond.  While he really wanted me to put on hubby's waders and walk in and get it,  I let him do a little brainstorming and figure it out himself.  It was fun watching him use his resources to solve the problem!

He enjoys playing with friends, going on bike rides and spending time on our actual boat.

I love his tender, loving, relaxed (although sometimes lazy) personality!

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