Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Monday....

Dear Monday, how are you able to sneak up so quickly?  It seems like one day it's Friday and a blink of an eye later you are already here.  But don't fret, we still had a wonderful weekend.

Friday night hubby and I attended a prayer service and renewal of wedding vows at our local parish.  This is something our parish does every year and I find it to be a wonderful celebration and beautiful reminder of our commitment to each other.

Following the prayer service, there is dinner and a dance that follow.  We have a lovely group of friends who attend this event as well and we always end up having a lot of fun.
This year was no exception.

Saturday morning was a nice, lazy morning.  I even slept in.... until 7:15 (darn internal alarm!).

After lunch, another afternoon of watching Sassy play volleyball was upon us.  After last weekends volleyball tournament resulted in a bloody elbow and bruised and swollen knee, I was hoping for an injury free event.  Not the case.  Girly hurt her shoulder somehow during their first of their 3 games.  However, she powered through and played hard all 3 games (her coaches opted to not have her serve in their last game of the day to prevent further injury).  Now she is taking it easy and using lots of ice.
During the course of the games, the girls had about a 2 hour break.  Unfortunately the players can't leave (they have to ref the other games and be there in case one starts early.) But hubby, Smiley, Action and myself, snuck off to BW3's for a little dinner.  Quite tasty!

Sunday was a relaxing, uneventful day.  The day started by going to church.  Once we were home though, the sweatpants came on and a day with no agenda lay ahead.  Smiley and I found some cute valentines on the blog Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke.  And  YAY! for downloadables!  Seriously, check out these cute Ahoy Matey valentines.  I think Smiley's kindergarten classmates will love them!

So you see Monday, you maybe snuck up on me, but this weekend, unlike many others, was beautiful, fun and relaxing.  I'll put up with you today and your 4:40 morning alarm and I will choose to have a wonderful week, no matter what gets thrown my way!

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