Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Simple Word

I started writing this post about 3 weeks ago, at the beginning of January.  But, as we all know, life happens and a big 'ol cup of coffee was spilt on my laptop.  Just like that, the keyboard was out of commission.  Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to blame but myself.  My cup of coffee, my arm knocking it over onto my laptop.  My fault.  My frustration.  Anyway, luckily the hard drive wasn't affected, a trip to the Apple Store, more dollars than I wanted to fork over and computer is back in business.

Anyway, New Years Resolutions.
I know, I know, I'm over due....too bad :)

I've never really been one to make new years resolutions (here and here are some of my resolutions ~ sort of ).  But I do like to have goals and I always want to strive for something.  The last few years I've noticed the "word of the year" trend amongst many.  I like the idea of it.  Check these blogs out and read about the words they chose for this year:

Oh my Handmade Goodness (Organize)
Holy Craft (Intent)
Kimbo from a Girl and a Glue Gun (Balance)

Organize, intent, balance or how about simplify, breathe, joyful, loving, whole, and vibrant, etc.

Those are all good ones, but I was wanting more.  And I decided MORE was going to be my word of the year.  I mean, I want more patience, more energy, more focus, more understanding, more love, etc.


But, I don't want or need more stuff. I don't want more physical items in my life.  However, I do want more of the things that are intangible.  More of myself ~ everyday.  So I kept thinking, MORE just didn't feel right.

And then it hit me.

I want to BE more loving
I want to BE more patient
I want to BE more optimistic
I want to BE more forgiving
I want to BE more considerate
I want to BE a better wife
I want to BE a better mom
I want to BE a better friend
I want to BE more determined
I want to BE more prayerful

And the list can go on and on and on.  So you see, I don't want to change myself, I just want to BE more of who I already am.

So my word of the year:

Do you make resolutions or have a word of the year?  What are they?

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