Thursday, December 11, 2014

Even though....

Even though Christmas is approximately 14 days away.....

Side note:
I'm not a day counter, nor is my husband or 2 of the 3 kiddos, but Smiley?  She is a counter.  Always has been.  When she was littler, the question was always, "how many more sleeps?"  Now that she is older (a whopping 6 years old), every morning she looks at our family calendar and counts the days until Christmas (or her birthday, or anyone's birthday, or a planned playdate or whatever else she can count down).  It is definitely an endearing annoyance :)


Even though Christmas is 14 days away, I still want to share with you the pictures I took of the kiddos this fall on our annual trip to the local falls.  Coming here makes me wish we still lived in our tiny city house, just blocks from this little gem of natural beauty.

Behold... some lovely fall colors (oh, and cute kids, don't forget the cute kids part ~ at least I think so!):

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