Monday, October 6, 2014

Art for Kids

I like to get my kids to think creatively.  Thy don't always agree with me, but they will typically entertain my ideas without too much complaint.

A year or so ago, I pinned an idea where you cut an object or part of a picture out of a magazine, glue that little cutout to a piece of paper  and have your kids, yourself or whomever finish the drawing (here is a link to the blog I found it on).

Then, last spring on the blog Under the Sycamore, Ashley posted about how she had her kids take different types of pictures ~ one outside, one up close, and one with a background.  Then, she cut the pictures in half and had her kids finish the other side (link to her project here).

I loved that idea!  I had my kids gather up 3 of their favorite "things".
Sassy brought me a Hershey's chocolate bar, her copy of the book Divergent, and a softball.
Action brought me a lego, a football and a glass Coke bottle.
Smiley gathered up her Elsa doll, favorite stuffed puppy (she's had him since she was a baby) and her stuffed giraffe, named Pinkie Pie ~ but not to be confused with the little pony named Pinkie Pie.....

I took pictures of each of their objects, enlarged them to the sizes I wanted and printed them, using our printer at home.

Here are some of the finished products:

Smiley's frozen scene using a cutout of her Elsa doll:

Action's Coke bottle:

Sassy's Divergent book:

Smiley's puppy:

Action's football

Sassy's softball:

Smiley's Giraffe:

These little masterpieces kept the kids busy using their minds and fostered their creativity and I think they turned out really cute!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I think this would be fun! I might even pack some stuff for this project next time we fly or go for a long car ride!