Friday, June 27, 2014

On my phone

I don't use the camera on my phone very often, but the other day I shot a short video of Sassy pitching in one her games.  When I went through my camera roll the following day, I found some fun videos and pictures that will give you a small snapshot of what our summer has looked like so far:

A couple of Princesses feeding the ducks in our backyard:

Someone got their ears pierced!  

A morning at the cages

A eery quiet took over the house and I looked down from the landing to spy these three ~ each playing on a separate device,
but linked up to the same game

They snuck off with my phone and took some selfies

And we've been attending lots of softball and baseball games for the kiddos.  It is so fun to watch both Sassy and Action play.  Here is a snippet of Sassy pitching:

Oh and lets not forget this beauty ~ Smiley taking a singing selfie during one of Sassy's softball tournaments.  I had no idea she had created this masterpiece until I found it on my phone!  Enjoy her little Frozen medley.....

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha, ha, I love it! Half the time I browse my phone to figure out what to blog for the week!