Monday, February 3, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (3)

Monday.... the day I ask you to look back at your week and think about the ordinary things, people, places or happenings that took place in your life.  The ordinary that is usually taken for granted, but if you think about it are miracles in and of themselves ~ snuggle time with one of your kids, a minute to yourself to do something you enjoy, a package in the mail..... 

Last week, I was the recipient of a kind neighbor who helped me shovel out our driveway.  Hubby was away on a business trip and of course, mother nature decided it would be a good time to drop 6" of lovely white goodness down upon our city.  Unfortunately, those inches needed to be shoveled away from our wide, 3 car driveway and front sidewalk.  Well, I shoveled the sidewalk, front entry and 2 of the 3 lanes of the driveway and called it a day.  When I looked out a couple of hours later the snow plows had driven by and had pushed the snow from the street to the end of our driveway.  Meaning... a 4 foot high, 3 foot wide swath of hard, icy, driven on snow needed to be removed. With my body fighting a full blown cold, I began to shovel.....again.  When I was about 1/2 way done a neighbor, whom I've never spoken to brought his snowblower over and finished it for me.  He then proceeded to finish the rest of the driveway after I told him it was fine to leave it.  I could have cried right there on the spot.  This man absolutely made my day!  An ordinary man, just being a good neighbor.... but it was a miracle in my eyes!  

Another ordinary miracle....

I tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest (which I do A LOT!) And it was a HIT with the entire family (they actually requested I make it again)!  SCORE!  It is a soup, called "Ski Soup"  which sounded perfect for the cold, snowy days we had (and still are) been experiencing.  


We were able to escape for a weekend at an indoor water park with some family.  It was fun floating in a tube, pretending we were somewhere warm.......  

Think about it, how would our perspective change if we chose to see our ordinary days as miracles that we should find wonder in and be thankful for.

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Leave a comment and tell me, What Ordinary Miracles have you witnessed lately?

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Love the perspective! I have noticed that lately I'm seeing a lot of the negative...need to turn that around!