Monday, January 27, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (2)

It's Monday and once again, I'm asking you to look for and tell me some of the Ordinary Miracles in your life.
Because, what if, we change the way we look at the ordinary things, people and events in our lives.  What if we see all of our day to day events as miracles? What about the things and people we see every day?  How would our perspective change if we chose to see our ordinary days as miracles that we should find wonder in and be thankful for.

Last week, I witnessed the ordinary miracle of celebrating a 10 year olds birthday:

And I watched his little sister smile and immerse herself in the art of licking chocolate birthday cake batter off of the beaters. 

Every Monday, lets come together and share about the ordinary in our lives that we have chosen to see differently, as miracles..... Ordinary Miracles.  After all, that is what my blog, my minuscule little corner of the www is suppose to be all about ~ finding the beauty every day, even if it doesn't look/feel beautiful.

Leave a comment and tell us, What Ordinary Miracles have you witnessed lately?

Oh, and tomorrow ~ the recipe for Action's FAVORITE chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

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