Monday, January 13, 2014

Living away from family

This past weekend flew by.  Hubby's parents came for a visit and we had a fun, jam packed weekend.  It seems when weekends like these are over, I feel a bit of longing.  A longing for more.

We live about 4 hours from my parents and 5 hours from hubby's parents.  While we are many miles from each other, we also know we can hop in the car and easily get there if we need to.  I do admit that as I get older, it is harder for me to be further away ~ for many different reasons.

Don't get me wrong, I love where we live.  We have made so many wonderful friends.  We have become involved in our community in a variety of ways, and we really enjoy our neighborhood and all our area has to offer.

The two things I mainly struggle with are:

 # 1 the lack of grandparent time for our kids (only because of distance, not because of effort!).  The thing is, is our kids don't know any different either.  They LOVE when we are able to go visit and when their grandparents come to our house for a  visit.  When either of those things happen, the kids are doted upon, cheered on and supported, not to mention, there is always fun to be had.  I do however, remember all of the wonderful memories I made with my grandparents.  I remember having sleepovers, just for fun, many times when my Grandpa was out of town and sometimes when he wasn't.  Grandma and I would walk to Wendy's to get frostys.  We would walk to the store and purchase a new word find book to work on.  Such simple things, but so memorable!  I remember curling up on the "davenport", as they called it watching "Hee Haw" on a Saturday night.  And I remember I would sometimes get up early on a Sunday morning just to meet them at church for mass and maybe breakfast out.  These are little things I wish my children could experience.  Their grandparents live just far enough away that they can't come see their school programs during the week.  They can't attend many of their sporting events, and they can't meet up for church or for a simple, unplanned meal together.

And #2, I wish I could be around to stop by and visit them more.  I hear my girlfriends talk about the fun they have getting together with their moms  (and dads) and going shopping, spending a day baking, or going to a movie.  I admit, I feel a twinge of jealousy when I hear them talking.
Another thing, our parents are not getting younger (no matter what they say) and being closer for them would be nice.  We could simply help with yard work, or stuff around the house.  We could just get together for a cup of coffee and a little conversation.

I do know that we are not planning on moving closer, nor are they.  So, in the meantime, we will make the most of the time we are able to spend together.  And this past weekend, like all of the other times we get together was no different.

We went snow tubing and shopping.  We ate great meals in and out.  We went to church together.  We played games.  We celebrated Actions birthday together.... a couple weeks early, and we watched Sassy play in a volleyball tournament.  It was a great weekend, and I need to remember to make memories and enjoy the time we are able to spend together and not on the time  I wish we could spend together.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I can totally relate to this post - I hate having my dad 5 hours away! Now with so much on our schedule he seems to do all the driving so now I feel guilty on top of missing him!