Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hey all!
Ahhh... Pinterest it is ideas you give and time you take, but I keep coming back.  And actually, my boards are not sitting there gathering virtual dust (well not all of them anyway).  I have made and tried a few of the things I've pinned and here are my thoughts:

Quick and Easy Blender Salsa
(found on my "appetizer board")

This salsa was super easy to make, even Action made a batch.  
It is easy to adjust the "heat" just by the amount of jalapeno you use.  I will (and have) definitely make this again.

Breakfast Coffee Protein Shake
(found on my "Beverages Board")

Typically I try to work out most mornings around 5am.  When I get home, I am a bit hungry as well as ready for some coffee.  I do love my coffee :)  When I saw this on Pinterest, I admit, I got a little bit excited and couldn't wait to try it.  I did end up enjoying the shake, but here's what I changed from the recipe after making it the first time.  I use chocolate protein powder, 'cause that's what we have right now at my house.  And along with the ice and banana, I doubled the amount of coffee (I told you, I love coffee), halved the amount of milk and didn't add any additional sugar.  It was definitely sweet enough for me!  Occasionally I add additional banana and/or chia seeds.  So, yep, this one is a keeper!

Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie

And this one ~ another keeper!  The kids liked it, hubby liked it, I liked it.  I don't think it's the healthiest pot pie ever, none the less, I will make it again.  For myself though, I thought it was a bit too cheesy so I would add less cheese.  And a tip for you, the crescent roll top ~ purchase one of those crescent roll sheets instead of the individual rolls.  So much easier :)

And no, I don't just eat at my house.... I read as well!  
Here' is a book review for you:

Kisses from Katie 
by: Katie J. Davis
(found on my "books" board)

It takes an extremely strong woman (in mind and faith) to leave everything she new ~ the wealthy comforts of home ~ to go to another country to serve those less fortunate (which is an extreme understatement). At the age of 19, she has more love and compassion than so many of the people I know. Her love of God and the desire to serve and follow him is simply inspiring. I definitely recommend this book.

Well, that's it for now!  

What have you been pinning, and where can I find 

(you can find me here)


Sandra Kohlmann said...

You can find me under the name Vegan Mother Hubbard, or by this link:

I love the idea of a coffee shake with protein in it.

Jennifer Juniper said...

You've had some luck with your pins lately! Just tried Sugar Cookie Bar Cookies and I loved them! Maybe a little two much, going for a second hit at the gym tonight!

BeCr8iv said...

Perfect timing, I have been looking for a nummy morning shake with coffee!!