Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This week was much like the others.  Meaning, the pins I recreated were all from one of my many food boards.  I tell ya, one of these weeks, I'm going to actually make, create or try something that I've pinned that isn't food!

Well, let me take that back.  I did actually use some pinned pictures to inspire me to create my gallery wall.  I blogged about that yesterday, so if you want to see my new wall and the pins that helped inspire the finished product, click HERE to read all about it.

Ok, back to today.

My first o{pin}ion of the day is in the form of soup.

Paula Dean's Crock Pot Potato Soup

Let me start by saying, I have no idea if this is actually a Paula Dean recipe.  I found it on Pinterest and it doesn't link up to Paula Dean at all, so there is your disclaimer :)  Ok, back to business..... Now, we like a good soup especially during these cold winter months and this one looked easy and good, two huge positives in my book!  However,  I think the soup fell a little flat. I personally thought it was bland and am thinking the next time I try it I my use the southwest style hash browns instead of the regular, plain ones. I do want to add that Sassy liked the soup a lot and ate many meals of left overs of it as well.


Cheese Bread.... Like Red Lobsters

Can I just start with a question. Does anyone go to Red Lobster besides to get the cheddar bay biscuits?  Ok, so I joke ~ there actually are other things on the menu :)  But my family loves us some hot Red Lobster biscuits, so when I saw this, I jumped all over it.  My excitement quickly diminished with my first bite.  Dry, bland, nothing like Red Lobster ~ boo!  Besides not liking the taste, Hubby and the kiddos also didn't care for the chunks of cheese in the bread.  This is definitely one pin that is being deleted from my boards.

Final one for the week

Lighter Chicken Pot Pie

A few things caught my eye when I pinned this recipe.  First the dish itself looks delish, warm, hearty and full of vegetables.  Secondly, it's a "lighter" version of a classic, who doesn't want to skimp on a few calories this time of year?  And lastly, it comes from Ms. Martha herself.  Of course it will be good.
Well my friends, in my o{pin}ion.  The picture is a million times lovelier than the flavor.  Hubby actually called this one "filler".  Nope, I won't be making it again, but it sure is pretty.

That's all for this week 

What have you been pinning lately?  
Anything you've loved or loathed?


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I love how you do the work for us with this testing, Wendy! :) I have to say I was hoping to hear that soup was great. Sounds good on these cold nights.

And oh my goodness... your gallery wall looks amazing! Amazing! I also *love* the color of your wall. If we had white trim I would be painting all sorts of walls that color! :)

Katie said...

Oddly enough, I haven't been on Pinterest much this week. The little that I have pinned has mostly been style-related (though I'm usually much more of a food girl)!

Jennifer Juniper said...

No lie, I actually made this soup last weekend!
I thought it was a weird texture and the potatoes got mushy. I didn't have cream cheese, but I did have a container of french onion dip for chips that I added instead. It zipped it up.
I was ok, probably not going into the box of loved recipes.