Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What We're In To ~ 8 year old boy version

Today I'm continuing my "what we're in to" posts.  Yesterday I wrote about the things Smiley is in to.  Today, it's all about Action.

1. Ipod Touch
Action really enjoys his Ipod.  He listens to music, watches videos and plays games.  He saved his own money to purchase it and in his eyes, it has been worth every penny.

And a sneaky little addition ~ one of my favorite things ~ the Otter Box iPod Protector case we purchased for him.  After having his iPod for about 3 weeks, he missed his pocket and it fell onto the driveway, shattering the front.  We got that fixed (told the kids we would pay for one iPod repair each) and purchased a better, heavy duty case (he had a cheap one from somewhere) for him.  We ended up getting this one:

I can tell you that thing has been dropped since and you would not know it!  Love this case!

2. Ipod games
Two that his is currently in to playing are:


3. Titanic ~ anything
The boy LOVES anything to do with the Titanic.

He searches for Titanic documentaries on his Ipod Touch.  He draws pictures of the Titanic
And creates lego Titanic replicas (Seriously Lego people..... my son would LOVE an actual Titanic Lego Kit)

(the one above and the one below greet you as you enter Action's room)

4. Legos

Besides using his Legos to create his own version of the Titanic, he also loves playing with them to build other boats, planes and vehicles.  He likes to make little objects for his little sister to play with too :)

5. Kendama

This little wooden toy is fantastic for hand eye coordination.  He has a black one,  but now has put another one on his Christmas list.  And I know a few boys his age on my Christmas list who will be getting one of these.

Come back tomorrow for Sassy's list :)

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Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So neat! I love his love for the Titanic! :)