Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What We're In To ~ preschool girl version

So with Christmas just around the corner.  I thought I'd give you a peek into our house and the "things" we are in to.  Maybe these will spark some ideas for you, or perhaps you can direct me to some new fabulous items along these lines.  If nothing else just be a fly on the wall and come see what we are "in to".

First up, our little preschooler, Smiley.  This little 4 year old is a girly girl through and through.  She loves pink (purple is ok too), sparkles and flowers.  Here, is what she is into:

1. Dress Up

You may recall when asked at school what she was thankful for, she replied "dress up".  The girl LOVES to dress up.  She loves leotards, plastic heels and fancy dresses.  A typical daily outfit will consist of a dress or skirt (tutu's being a favorite) however sometimes both are worn ~ at the same time.

2. Coloring
Smiley has always loved coloring, but as she gets older, her attention span is growing.  She will now sit at the counter and color and color, and color.  She is beginning to draw actual pictures.  Trees, people, flowers and other things that I'm sure are something :)

She is happy to color in coloring books:

or draw on plain 'ol "computer paper:
Some days she gravitates towards markers (and yes, I am a Crayola snob)

other days, she's all about crayons.

3. Headbands
The girl LOVES headbands.  These are her favorites right now:

details: left - right, top to bottom
* Gap ~ 1-2 years ago 
* maybe the $ section at Target ~ we've had this one for a long time 
* made by me 
* got a pack of these somewhere......
* $ section at Target a few years ago
* Claires ~ although they don't have this one on their website :(
* Made by me (never did a tutorial on this one)
* Not Sure.....
* This one was a gift 

4. Dora
She has always been a fan of Dora.  Last year I took her to a little Dora meet and greet.  Ever since, she's been asking me to "call her for a play date"  This year for Christmas she has her eye on these two toys.


5. Barbie
Smiley got this movie last year with a Barbie.
And it  has been an all time favorite! 

She is also liking Barbie The Princess and The Popstar.

She received the movie for her birthday and likes it, but says it's "scary" because there is a "mean mom".

6. Play Food
She has these sets from Ikea and loves making me food :)

7. And she's into the iPad.  She doesn't play it very much, but she likes this game:


Anyway, that's about it for now.  Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on what my 8 year old son is in to!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Such a sweet list! I remember play food with my sister. But we made mud pies with weeds as herbs. :)

Barbara Fox said...

My daughter loves playing her barbie and coloring her books :)