Friday, August 17, 2012


Hard to believe that today is my birthday ~ yikes!  I am now definitely closer to 40 than I am to 30.  Does this concern me?  Not one bit ~ after all, age is just a number.  Since I'm turning 36 on this fine August day, I thought I would give you 36 fun facts about me:

1. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers

2.  One of my sisters calls me “Sue” …..huh? And I answer to her!

3.  Coffee… use to hate the stuff, now I love it….black…every morning
4.  I had an adorable perm when I was (glad I could make you laugh today)

5.  I love cheesecake
6.  And strawberry shortcake and pie (ok, pretty much any dessert that contains fruit)
7.  “The Little Mermaid” is my favorite animated Disney movie, maybe it’s because I remember my dad taking me…..

8.  I use to work with kids with autism. Loved that job ~ loved, loved, loved every and any breakthrough ~ big or small.
9.  I get sad when summer comes to an end and my kids head off to school. I savor these lazy, fun, relaxing days of summer ~ even if they do have their fair share of bickering

10.  The first concert I ever went to see with a friend was The Nelson Brothers ~ don’t judge!

11.  On my 13th birthday, my mom bought me a cake that looked like a box of crayons and said “From  
       Crayons to Lipstick”. I wish I had a picture of that to show you. Hmm... Next time I visit them  ;)
12.  I love to read, even when I was younger (10ish and on) I would sneak a flashlight into my  
      bedroom and read. I still do that now, except I don’t have to sneak the light in
13.  When I was younger, I loved reading the Babysitters Club Series
14.  Speaking of the babysitter’s club, a couple of friends and I tried to start up our own club ~ didn’t  
       really take off
15.  I’ve been wearing Invisalign braces since April. My teeth already look straighter. Only 9 more  
      months to go….
16.  My favorite animals at the zoo have to be the chimpanzee’s
17.  I started watching “Days of our Lives” when I was little (probably 8 or so) and I still watch it when 
       I can.
18.  Growing up, I basically lived at the swimming pool when I was little. I would watch "Days of our 
       Lives" with a friend from 12-1. Swim from 1-5, sometimes my parents would come for family  
       swim from 5-6 and then open swim again from 6-8.
19.  For 8 years during highschool and college I developed 1hour photos for a job ~ that could be quite  
20.  My college roommate and I often rented scary movies to freak ourselves out
21.  I’ve never broken a bone
22.  I first saw my husband from across the room at a house party…… love at first sight.

23.  I hate math ~ my husband finds this funny and likes to quiz me along with the kids.
24.  For awhile I wanted to be a Forensic Psychologist……
25.  And a Physical Therapist
26.  I majored in Psychology and have a Biology minor
27.  I have a fear of falling down the stairs
28.  I tear up every time I’m at an event and the Star Spangle Banner is sung

29.  I love the smell of cigars
30.  I weigh myself every single morning…. and write it down…. and then transfer it to an Xcel  
31.  I love music ~ I have eclectic tastes
32.  I would love to go skydiving
33.  I love the color turquoise ~ a little bit blue, a little bit green
34.  Running helps me think. It is my release.
35.  I hate chewing gum ~ it grosses me out
36.  I love pizza and tacos….mmmm….  I think we'll have pizza tonight and I'll celebrate another  
      wonderful year with my favorite people in the whole wide world

So enough about me.... do tell me some fun fact about you, and have a fabulous, fabulous day and weekend!


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Only 9 more months of invisalign? I have at least two more years of big, clunky, tin-grin braces. They are awful, but there wasn't another option. My teeth needed too much work for invisalign to be an option.

Happy birthday!

Vivian said...

Aww Wendy I loved reading all of those and getting to know you better. One thing I must say: you are BRAVE by checking your weight every morning...and documenting it on top of that? But of course you are some HOT MAMA and look great! I would surrender in a depression state (ha!)

Jennifer Juniper said...

You are hilarious and that list could have been written by me!! So many were the same, namely: 4,5,6,7,8,9,12,16,17,20,21,23,24,26,28,31, and 34!

#30 is just plain weird. Hah ha!

Um, something about me...I sing all day long. Big guy will say "What was that?? time to turn on the radio!"

rockinabbs29 said...

I'm a new follower! :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!! I love all these facts and I had to agree with so many of them. Love the 'crayons to lipstick' cake. I can not keep a dry eye when hearing the Star Spangle Banner either. :)