Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going Greek

Hubby and I along with another couple are the organizers of a pancake breakfast fundraiser at our church.  Not only do we have a fabulous pancake breakfast, but we also have a $1 kid raffle, religious education tuition raffle, and silent auction.

Every year this event has a theme.  Last year's theme was Hollywood (you can check us out here).  This year's them was Greek ~ Ancient Greek that is :)  Really? A theme for a pancake breakfast you ask?  Well, the pancake breakfast we organize is just the beginning.  The following weekend there is an evening event (costumes preferred) which includes a LARGE silent auction, dinner and a live auction.  Drinks, food, fun and friends all while raising an amazing amount of money for the religious education of our youth.

Anyway, So Hubby and I dressed up for the breakfast ~ we're the ummm.... "hosts" after all AND we dressed up again for the evening event.

See, aren't we just Geeky.. I mean Greeky!  HA!

I actually found my dress at Nordstrom Rack for a STEAL!  Regular $395 ~ I purchased it for just about $25.  Hubby's fabulous outfit ~ Smiley's curtains, tied together with rope, a dashing red sash created with a bedsheet and he pulled out his old (we're talking college days) Birkenstock sandals.

Anyway, this is my very good reason that I've been a bit bloggy absent and let me tell you, when it was finally all said and done, this is exactly how I felt:

Oh, and I made some very fun centerpieces.  I'll show you those very soon!


Ruthie Hart said...

I love that you guys dressed up!!!! My kind of event :-) and your dress? Gorgeous and what a steal!!!!!!

Brandi said...

You guys look smashing! Great find on that dress! Sounds like such a fun time.

Boni Lady said...

Looks like you had a blast! Great embrace pics!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Love that last photo... so sweet! lol How fun to have costumes for your event. You guys look great! :)

the treat girl said...

Oh my word!! You are the cutest couple ever!!