Friday, September 24, 2010


Call me old fashioned, but come 11:30  I am ready.

I love to see that little white truck drive up.

I love mail.

You know, actual paper ~ written on, addressed, stamped and delivered.  By hand.

The stuff you can hold and feel.

Hmmm, coupons, ads (I'm always looking for a deal ☺) a newspaper from our catholic diocese, and one from my hubby's home town.

I love getting a new glossy magazine

Being inspired by design and food

And these:

Are you kidding? Yes, I want to:

Lose Weight
Boost my energy
Eat more Pasta!
(I always tell my husband that I hate it when they super impose someone else's head on my body ☺)

And of course I would like some fabulously frightful ideas from Miss Martha!

Who doesn't want to
Unlock their inner SUPERSTAR?

Other times it's a letter, card or a thank-you note.

Maybe it's weird, but these little things make me smile.

But this:

from someone I've never even met, made my heart jump a little.

Seriously, look at the beautiful things she sent:

* An amazing cuticle creme.  I could rub this stuff in all day long.  And my nails are shouting "THANK  YOU!!!"

* These beautiful warm, cozy and handmade mittens ~ I am secretly wishing for cooler temps so I can wear them and not look weird ☺!

* And the purple pouch.....

oh, just look:

I just love it.  As does Sassy ~ I convinced her I got to wear it first, because my name was on the package and not hers.  And you guessed it, I haven't given it up yet ;)

This wonderful package sent to me by an amazing person ~ Miss Treat Girl.

A woman who is busy taking care of her family, running here and there with her kids, putting herself aside so others can be put first.

A woman who in the midst of everything going on in her life took the time to think of me.

Reminding me to pay it forward and make someone else's day!

Thank you Treat Girl ~ you are the icing on the cake.... I mean cupcake ☺!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh... I love good mail days! Yes... actual hold in your hand paper! :) Is the newspaper The Catholic Voice that you receive? I ♥ getting magazines in the mail! And your sweet wonderful package full of awesome goodness... how incredibly SWEET! :)

Sabrina said...

WOW! What a wonderful surprise! I love real mail...too bad its usually useless junk most days. :( Thank goodness for my monthly mag subscriptions! I use that cuticle cream too...doesn't it smell so fresh!?!
Oh and GREAT self portrait pretty lady!

the treat girl said...

Miss!!! I'm tearing up!!! Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful of all days I really needed a little pick-me-up. You're the BEST! Glad you're loving your treats :) Enjoy the day!