Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What would it say?

If this old house could only talk,
What a story it could tell.
Of the family held close to its heart.
Of the sights and sounds
remembered so well.

~ Gerald JJ Johnson

Have you ever seen an old, broken, sagging abandoned house along the side of the road?

There seem to be many of them as we drove through different states to visit family.

I often wonder about the life of that house that was once a home.

If those walls could talk:
Would they tell stories of joys or sorrows?
Would it describe the laughter that once burst through the windows?
Or would it be about the sorrows and hardships that put strain on the family that once lived there.

Where did the family go?

See this house?

I know who lived here.

I know where they are now.

I've heard some of the stories and look forward to hearing more.

But, I wonder, what would the walls of my house say?

What would the walls of your house say?

Are those the "stories" we would want told?


Lisa Anne said...

My house is pretty new, built in 2002. So I imagine it doesn't really have much to say. Excpet it's been passed on to 4 familys in it's short life. I'm hoping I get to permanetly keep it.

BCR8iv said...

That is a pretty thought provoking entry! Incidentally - when we built the porch - before we put the wood up on the last wall, we wrote a letter and stapled it inside the wall, so if someday it is ever remodeled...the next family will have a letter about the family that once lived here. Oh and yes, we are dorks, but you probably figured that one out by now! LOL