Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jar Jack O'lanterns

I was surfing one day (um, the internet) and came across instructions to make these cute little guys, girls, ghosts, monsters or whatever suits you:

Aren't they cute?

Click here to link to the actual instructions and to check out some much better pictures of these little guys.

They are quite easy to make.

All you need:
clean jars (a good reason to clean out the fridge)
orange tissue paper
Mod Podge (decoupage glue)
a paint brush (to apply the glue and to paint the tops)
black construction paper
green acrylic paint
candles (reg. or battery operated) or a string of lights

Cut or tear your orange tissue paper into strips. Measure them against the jar and trim to the desired length.

Working in sections paint your clean jar with Mod Podge and cover with orange tissue paper.

(Yes, this is a little thick and needs to be spread out a bit.)

Until the whole jar is covered.

(look at all the concentration going on here)

Then go over the entire jar (covered in tissue paper) with Mod Podge.
Let dry.

In the mean time you can create the faces you want on your jars using the black construction paper.
As you can see, Sassy got creative and made a spider as well as some faces.

When the jars are dry, glue (we did Mod Podge again) your faces (or spiders) onto the jars. Go over the face with Mod Podge again to seal it.

Paint the tops of the jars green to finish them off and let the whole thing dry (your suppose to wait 24 hours, but I, myself the kids wanted to see them all lit up as soon as they were dry to the touch)

We used battery operated tea lights (great deal at Home Goods) to light them up.

I think they are pretty cute!


Lisa Anne said...

Very cute. More Mod Podge usage. I've really got to get me some of that stuff!

Little Miss Baker said...

These are amazing! I love them. Can't wait to show my ma :)

sawicky99 said...

These are GORGEOUS! And they look oh so simple and fun for the kids! THANK YOU!!!!

the treat girl said...

They are THE.CUTEST!!!! My kiddos have a day off from school tomorrow...we may just have to make these......and when they turn out as cute as yours I will post them on my blog and link it back to yours!! :)

BCR8iv said...

I LOVE them and somehow I can see them popping up in other seasons...maybe a cute Santa?