Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The years go by so fast.....

I look at Sassy and I am sometimes taken aback at what I see.  

The little girl who use to cry as we were trying to get out the door in the mornings because her socks didn't feel right, 
has become this beautiful young woman.  
(teaching her sister how to pitch)

Hard to believe she is in 10th grade, working hard at school and sports, preparing for confirmation and 
getting ready to get her drivers license (she earned her drivers permit this past July).
 (Passed the written test ~ on the first try ~ and received her permit)

 (Drove part of the way to a softball tournament ~ 14 hours round trip)

(yep, she drove into and through the city ~ gotta learn sometime)

She helped to fill our summer calendar with her softball practices, games and tournaments 
(a week long one in Colorado created lots of memories!).  
It is fun to cheer her and her team on.  Win or lose they played hard and are a great group of girls!

Sassy works hard at everything she does.

This season for high school volleyball, she made the JV team and was a "swinger" for the Varsity team.  Meaning, she attended varsity events, practices and games and played when called upon.  Her JV team ended the season 22-4, with one first place tournament finish and her Varsity team ended 24-2 with two first place tournament finishes.  She received a high school letter for her hard work.  
She had a fun season and made new friendships along the way.

She thrives on being busy.  I am always amazed at how well she does balancing school, softball, and volleyball, 
yet finds time to sneak in some fun!

Her sports never seem to end ~ she had softball tryouts for next summer's club team in August.  
They played a few tournaments together this fall and have winter training starting up soon.  
Winter club volleyball tryouts are next weekend.
(everyone needs to eat a giant donut at least once in their life!)

Her smile is contagious and her caring personality melts my heart.

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