Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Puerto Vallarta ~ Part 1

The day of Sassy's birthday (March 28th) we landed in warm, sunny Puerto Vallarta.  Spring break was upon us.  We were all looking forward to a week of relaxing with each other as a family as well as the 6 other families who we were spending the week with ~ 14 adults and 16 kids in total!

We stayed at the Velas Vallarta in Puero Vallarta. It was a beautiful all inclusive resort (check out this link and see for yourself).

(the view from our balcony)

 (the view from the pool)

The first two days we spent at the pool and on the beach, and those two days just happened to be Sassy's 14th birthday (Saturday) and Hubby's Birthday (Sunday).  What a way to spend your birthday!  
(the ocean and the mountains ~ a beautiful combination)

(Hubby and Action ~ waiting for a wave)

Sunday night for dinner the resort put on a Mexican Fiesta complete with authentic 
Mexican foods, desserts and candies, as well as some dancing.  

During the Fiesta dinner, our friends had arranged to have a birthday "treat" delivered to Hubby. 
They brought out this yummy cake, complete with personalization!  

Smiley enjoyed a candied apple ~ although, she learned it was a little tough to eat with one tooth missing and another one very loose!

Monday we were scheduled to go zip-lining with 2 other families.  We got up and ate a yummy breakfast which included one of my favorites of the week ~ green juice (a recipe I have tried to recreate and I think I did a pretty good job ~ with the help of Google, of course!)  Once we were finished, we headed back to our room to get ready to go.  I took Action out to the balcony to apply sunscreen, standing there he got really dizzy and almost passed out.  He then felt nauseous, thankfully nothing came of that!  We decided he was probably suffering from a bit of sun poisoning ~ after spending the previous day in sun and not paying close attention to how much he was eating or drinking as well as I should have been ~ I think it was a combination of too much sun and not enough hydration.  Anyway, I decided that it would be best if he and I skipped the zip-line and spent the day in the shade, hydrating.  

We said our goodbyes to the girls and Hubby, told them to have fun and watched them go off on their adventure.  They had a BLAST!  After zip-lining the adults did a little tequila tasting, had some lunch and the kids did some swimming in the crystal clear river, complete with "waterslides".  If you go to Puerto Vallarta, I would definitely recommend the company we used ~ Los Veranos - Canopy Tours ~ they were great to work with.  While they wouldn't credit us for Action and I not attending, they did let us reschedule for later in the week (that will be in one of my next posts!) 

Tuesday was again spent at the pool and in the ocean ~ good drinks, good food, good friends, and lots of laughs.  
As well as time spent feeding the iguanas, which were found on the property.

a fabulous way to end a wonderful day ~ a walk on the beach as the sun was setting

To be continued......

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