Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today's post is brought to you by the number 11

Sorry, I was channeling my inner Sesame Street with the title!

I have a few blog posts started, that I've been meaning to finish and post.  The bad news is about 2 weeks ago, I spilt a cup of coffee all over the keyboard of my laptop.  The trackpad started responding erratically and the keys wouldn't respond at all.  More bad news, it cost money to get it fixed.  But the good news ~ I took it in, paid for a new keyboard and trackpad and finally have it back in fully functioning order!

However, I can't post the blogs I have ready for you because this guy:

is turning 11 today!

Happy Happy Birthday Action!

He is funny, sentimental, caring, easily frustrated yet pretty laid back.  

A few things he is currently loving: 

- minecraft on the playstation, iPod and in lego form
- his iPod in general
-baseball (too cold to play outside, but dome ball still works!)
-volleyball (he just started playing for fun, with a group of friends once a week ~ for now.  
It keeps him busy and active and he gets to hang out with his friends!)
- DC's, he really wants a pair of new high tops 

So happy 11th birthday to this guy

His hair can go (he won't let us cut because he tells us, he's "growing" it out for the winter and it drives me CRAZY!) but his smile and those dimples and his contagious laugh get me every time!

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