Thursday, November 13, 2014

And just like that fall is over......

Well, technically it is not over.  The last day of fall this year is actually December 20th, but when I look out my window and see the approximately 5 inches of snow that fell just the other day, I would never guess it was still early November.

Obviously I haven't blogged in a little while, so for the next few blog posts, I will walk you through our fall.

Let's start with sports:

I'll start with the oldest ~ Sassy:

She played a short season of fall softball.  While their team didn't always play to the best of their abilities, Sassy had a great time playing.  She loves to play and constantly strives to be better.  Even in her last tournament, she asked me to record her at-bat as she wasn't making contact with the ball like she wanted to and wanted to see for herself what she was doing wrong.  I love her determination.

While softball was going on, she was also playing volleyball for the high school she will attend next year.  The day the teams were picked was a rough one.  After a few days of tryouts, the results were in and before she even opened her letter to see which team she made, the varsity coach pulled her aside to talk.  Unfortunately she didn't make the team she wanted to, the team many of her teammates from last year and from last winter's club volleyball team made.  She was upset and frustrated.  The varsity coach explained to her that she didn't "make" the team because of lack of ability, but because the position he wants her to play was already filled with a couple of girls who were older than her.  Instead of her sitting on the bench watching her team play, he wanted her on a team where she could play every, single point and get lots of touches.  While it was hard to wrap her head around it in the beginning, especially seeing her friends playing together on the other side of the court, this decision was a good one.  Sassy played every game and was probably on the bench 10 minutes the entire season.  She got a lot of touches and opportunities to serve.  She was a great, positive leader on the court and was really fun to watch.

She has tried out for club volleyball once again.  She made a team with most of the girls she played with last year and she is excited for practices to start up in December.

Next up ~ Action:

Football was Action's sport of choice once again this year.  This was his 4th year playing and I enjoy watching him year after year.  His understanding of the game and ability to play has improved so much since that first year when the kids were just a bunch of 2nd graders running around ~ some trying to tackle each other, some trying to avoid all contact for fear of getting hurt.  This year, Action's favorite position was Safety.  I have to say, even thought they didn't win a game this year, the improvement in the boys was amazing.  They went from losing games by 20+ points to losing their final game 19-18 in overtime.  These boys had great sportsmanship, held their heads high and gave their all every single game.

And Finally ~ Smiley:

While Smiley is not playing any "sports" right now, she is in dance.  She has class once a week (which is closed to parents) and will have a recital in May.  I do know they are dancing ballet to "Lets go fly a kite" and tapping to "76 Trombones".  She seems to be enjoying it and can be found dancing around the house quite regularly.  She had a friend over last weekend and I thing they put on at least 10 "shows" for me!

That wraps it up for fall sports.   Come back tomorrow for more of my fall wrap-up.

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