Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (15)

My goodness, where has the last week gone?  It's funny, I always thought that once my kids were older and I wasn't chasing them around all day, changing diapers, feeding them and they were a bit more independent, I would have extra time for projects, blogging and what ever else.  That my friends is so far from the truth!  Things around my house only continue to get busier (much like your own homes, I assume).

However, no matter how busy life gets, how much working, running around, commitments for this or that, I do hope you "stop to smell the roses" so to say.  Take a minute or two each day to look around and see the amazing wonders in your life ~ The Ordinary Miracles.

Last week was a lot of running around to one thing or another.  But I did sneak some minutes of calm, peace and dare I say, "me time" and was able to witness and experience many Ordinary Miracles.

Let me catch you up....

Laughter ~ A week ago Friday, I met up with 7 other women for a movie and drinks/appetizers following.  We went and saw the movie, "The Other Woman".  I didn't really know what it was about going into it, but had a good idea based on the title.  I found this movie to be extremely funny even though it dealt with a life changing situation ~ cheating.  Something I've seen wreck many relationships and on the flip side, make some relationships stronger.  The movie also reiterated the fact that you can find friendships in the most unlikely places and that there is so much more to someone than what meets the eye.  It was a great night out.

Success ~ Then the next morning we were early to rise as Sassy had her first softball tournament for her summer season.  She pitched 3 of the 5 games her team played and they ended up taking first place.  It was a fun day.  I love watching her play ~ she has grown so much in how she plays the game.  Watching her and her brother (play baseball) and cheering them on is one of my favorite summer pastimes!

Love ~ Mother's day was filled with love and relaxation (you can read my thoughts on Mother's Day here)

Conversation ~  Last week was Smiley's last full week at preschool.  A few of us moms took this as our last opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a cup of coffee with uninterrupted conversation before our days are once again filled with preschool chatter.

Pride ~ Sassy participated in a 50 inning softball game for her school.  This is a fun fundraiser for the program.  They take all the girls who participate in high school softball (freshman, sophomore, JV and Varsity), split them into two teams and they play against each other.  Sassy was able to pitch a few innings during this event and was able to strike out a few varsity players.  The smile on her face melted my heart!

Quiet ~ Hubby took Action and Smiley on a fishing trip.  They left on Thursday and came home just Yesterday (Monday).  This is a yearly event.  One I've personally been attending even before were were married, so more than 15 years!  Most of  Hubby's side of the family attend as well as many family friends.  Since Sassy had the fundraiser game, a band concert, a regular softball game and a birthday party, her and I decided to stay home.  We had a nice quiet weekend just hanging out.  We went out for dinner, saw a movie, did a little shopping and simply relaxed.  It was fun to spend time with just her (a sentiment that she voiced).  Times like that don't happen often enough!

Volunteer ~ Every year our church has a big themed fundraiser for it's school and faith formation programs.  It consists of two events, a breakfast with silent auction and kid raffle and an evening dinner event with live and silent auctions.  This is the first year I have not co-organized the breakfast portion of the event and was unable to attend due to an out of town volleyball tournament for Sassy.  Since Hubby took the two littles and Smiley was at an overnight birthday party, I decided last minute to volunteer to help out at the evening event which was this past Saturday.  The theme this year was Rock 'N Roll.  I found some clearance leather looking pants and threw together an outfit.  It was a fun night helping our church and hanging out with some great friends!

Today I sit here typing, feeling very full and content.  As I look back on my days I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and moments to treasure.  I ask you to look around too.  I mean really, last thursday night when I was sitting at the softball field from 3:30-9:30, in the cold, wind and off and on sprinkles, bundled in a blanket, I could have thought of a million other things I could have been doing.  But just one look at the smile on my daughter's face as she threw a pitch verified there was no where else I should have been!  An Ordinary Miracle!

Tell me what Ordinary Miracles have you witnessed in your life?

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