Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, Monday....check.

I don't know about you, but for us, it has only been 2 full days since school got out for the summer.  The year flew by and the last days came fast.  What is even faster, is the fact that my little Sassy has graduated!  Sixth grade that is.  She will now be onto the dreaded middle school years.  New school.  New teachers.  New bus.  New friends.  New sports teams.  New tears for mom as I look back and wonder where my baby went and how life went too fast!  New.. New... New....

Anyway,  as I look back, I am very proud of these years she had in elementary school.  Let's highlight a few of these things shall we...... It is my blog after all, and yes, I am a proud Mama :)

She took pleasure in reading aloud to her kindergarden class during group time many days a week and would bring her favorite books from home in hopes her teacher would let her read a story to her class.

(First Day of Kindergarten)

She had eye surgery in 1st grade.  She was not nervous or scared, but excited about the possibilities.

She made her first communion.

She got involved in sports:  basketball, slowpitch softball, eventually on to fastpitch, gymnastics (for about 3 years) and volleyball.

She has tried out for fastpitch softball for 3 years and has made the top team every year.  Let me add, she works hard, puts in the time and is very determined.  She LOVES softball!

She thrived in school.  She was reading and completing math work at 1-2 grade levels above her own.

She tried out and was accepted into the district choir.  Then when one of her friends suggested they start a singing group this school year she was completely on board.  The girls got approval from the principal and music teacher to come into school early 1 day a week to practice.

She protected a friend. She stood up to a girl who was bullying this friend, not worried about what the bully would say/do to her in return.

She really tries to make the best out of adverse situations and to keep herself and others happy ~ poor teachers and principals, frustrating rules at school (especially at lunch and recess),  being on the losing end of games, arguments with friends, tough work ahead, etc...

DARE graduation and of course, Sixth grade graduation.

Basically, it comes down to the fact that I am pretty stinkin' proud of this girl!  Is she perfect?  No.  Has she made some bad decisions? Yes.  Do I love her unconditionally every single day?  Absolutely!  I am a very proud mama!  I am sad that the elementary school life is behind her ~ it went to fast.  Excited for her and her upcoming years in middle school.  And I admit, a bit nervous as a parent, as this next chapter in her life begins but am looking forward to guiding her on this journey.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

yep, my 6th grader just graduated too! Where does the time go?? He is very excited to get to the middle school...for the cafeteria food. Isn't that funny?