Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Favorite

This one totally got me ~ hook. line. and sinker.

Definitely has to be my favorite black Friday ad of the year!

So, do tell.... are you a black Friday shopper?
Will you shop on Thanksgiving?


Sandra Kohlmann said...

I'm not a black Friday shopper and you couldn't pay me enough money to go shopping on Thanksgiving night. Isn't the point of the holiday to be thankful for what we have and spend time with people we love? Shopping and fighting for deals doesn't seem to fit into the big picture for me.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

LOL Haven't seen that one yet! Not a black Friday shopper. I do some online shopping on Friday or else I am pretty good about getting things throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

The Big Guy has seen this ad several times and he still thinks it's a movie right up until they crash into the fridge!