Monday, October 22, 2012

4, four, fourth......

Yesterday (Sunday) my "baby" turned 4.

 I swear it feels just like yesterday when I was rocking Smiley's tiny newborn body in the middle of the night savoring her every expression, cry, coo and beautiful baby scent, reminding myself that although the days and nights can seem long (especially when you are tired mommy with a new baby) the years are so very short.  And tonight, now that we have finally eaten her birthday cake and opened presents from us (we were out of town over the weekend, spending it with family ~ hunting actually ~ a few presents were opened, but no birthday cake consumed) I am sitting here thinking about my girl.  Let me tell you what she is like today ~ a day after her 4th birthday.

She is a planner.  She decided after her 3rd birthday that she wanted a classic "Barbie" cake.  She first saw it at Super Target and told me EVERY subsequent shopping trip that that was the cake she wanted.

She can be a bit obsessive. For example, she has planned that tomorrow, she will be playing with her new Play-Doh as soon as she gets home from school.  You better believe that will be a MAJOR topic of conversation until she is actually playing with it (I'm happy we are playing with it tomorrow, and not in a week.  I wouldn't hear the end of it!).

She enjoys watching TV.  She watches very little but looks forward to the treat of it.  She likes to watch  Dora and Doc. McStuffins.

She LOVES to help me cook in the kitchen, even if it is simple "cooking" such as pouring her cereal into a bowl :)

She likes to play house.  Being "Mommy"  is one of her favorite roles.

She likes to play store.  She will set up a table filled with random items, grab a toy cash register and some grocery sacks and invite me to come and shop.  Most times my shopping total adds up to either "20 bucks"  or "40 bucks"

She likes to play with dolls and princesses.

She is taller than most of her 5 year old friends. 

She is starting to color and draw for longer periods of time.  This is a new past time for her.  For now, she is more content to draw her own pictures, and she is getting pretty good at drawing trees, flowers, snowmen and people.

She is constantly making noise.  She LOVES to sing.  For example, while she is coloring, she will sing and sing and sing.....  She sings made up songs, church songs ("Glory to God" is her favorite), and current songs she has heard on the radio.

She is stubborn.

She likes to make funny faces.

But, she has a BEAUTIFUL smile.

She cries when I leave her home with Daddy.  But not when she is left home with her siblings.  I don't get it!

She moved from her toddler bed to a twin bed 2 weeks ago.  Neither of us have ever slept better (I may be exaggerating a little bit, she's always been a pretty good sleeper, but she had been getting up about once a night a few times a week.  I think she was squished.)!

She likes to give shoulder rubs to both her Daddy and I.  They feel great, all 5 seconds :)

She LOVES to dress up.  Her flower girl dress (from Sept. 2011) and last year's halloween costume are two of her favorites, but i think her new mermaid dress (from Grandpa and Grandma) will maybe push one of those into 3rd place!

She loves to dance.

She is very social and enjoys being around other people.  She is shy for about the first 5 minutes, but after that.... watch out!

She wants to be a "pom-pom" girl, and likes to practice.  Yes, hubby and I usually oblige!

She enjoys school and has become very good at writing her name.  She has a funny way of saying her letters when she is writing.  For example, she has an "A" in her name.  She knows it is called an "A", but when she is writing it down, she calls it a "down, down, over".

She is sweet, caring and we love her unconditionally!

Happy 4th Birthday beautiful girl!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I approve of the Steelers cheerleading uniform! Happy birthday Smiley!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome birthday tribute to beautiful little girl! Can't wait to celebrate with her!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

She is beautiful and oh so sweet! What a wonderful birthday post! Love the Barbie cake... I had one for a birthday once too! :) Happy Birthday to your precious girl!