Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Everything seems a bit messy right now.

* My schedule ~ planning and organizing a fundraising breakfast, silent auction and kid raffle for 500 people.  I've been making decorations ~ promise I'll show you them soon, soliciting, entering and organizing information, getting volunteers and so much more.  Besides that, softball (Hubby is head coach for Sassy's fast pitch team ~ enter meetings and tryout that he has had to attend) and baseball have started up.  There go our evenings!

* Hubby has been gone off and on for the last two weeks for work, THANKFULLY he doesn't have any trips planned for the near future.

* We took the kids to a indoor water park and amusement center with 5 other couples last week for a long weekend.  It was a blast.  Nice to get away and not worry about house and fundraiser stuff.  Although, I lie, I did convince some  friends to volunteer to help the morning of :)

* Easter ~ I've been trying to be prayerfully aware during this season of lent and now Holy Week.  And while I've done ok, I feel like I haven't done this to the best of my ability this year.  I've been feeling pulled in too many directions.  And besides the religious significance of Easter, now my kids are beginning to wonder where their Easter baskets actually are....hmmmm me too!  The electrician rearranged my storage area to get better access and it is still in disarray (I think he is still coming back to finish some things up, so I haven't put it back together yet).  Maybe today I will find them...

* My house ~ a complete mess.  Well, it feels like it anyway!  I am having a hard time finding my home to be a calming sanctuary lately.

I mean,

Cardboard and plastic on the floor (yes, those ARE still Christmas trees in my entryway ~ ugh!) :

No kitchen:

A fridge still in my living room:

Plastic sectioning off my kitchen (pay no attention to the freshly folded laundry all over the couch!):

A kitchen island taking up 1/3 of my garage:

Appliances and "stuff" taking up the other 1/3:

Cabinet drawers in my basement:

My kitchen being stored in my guest room/office:

Sassy purged her room and piled up what she doesn't want anymore outside of her room:

Oh, and don't let me forget, we ran into some flooring issues (old floor doesn't match the new floor, even though it is the exact same stuff ~ darn sun fade!).  Which have been resolved, the best way I believe it could have been without having to replace the flooring on basically our entire main level.  Unfortunately this means the wood floor we planned on needing has doubled and of course it's on back order until the end of April.  Really no kitchen until May?!  I have a combined 12 family members from  my side and Hubby's side staying with us the last weekend of April for Action's 1st communion celebration.  This could be interesting!

So there you have it.  My life as a mess.  Hopefully things "clean up" soon, very soon!

Until then, sorry I've been so sporadic!  Thanks for hanging with me!

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Ruthie Hart said...

eeek did yall go to great wolf or great bear lodge?! indoor waterparks are the coolest! and I hope your hubby doesnt have to travel anytime soon, I get sad when Jon is gone for 2 days!