Friday, March 2, 2012

Our week in Pictures

working on the couch

playing with her princesses

steeler jerseys in honor of Hines Ward's departure
(and let me add, Action got Smiley dressed ~ every thing she has on, he found in his room ~ those pants.... 
boys size 6, rolled at the waist about 5 times)

3 cases of pancake mix ~ donated and sent to my house for a fundraiser Hubby and I co-chair

for the kids

 and for Me!

painting window trim

spelling city time

packing up

banana muffins (and 2 loaves of banana bread)

family tree project


riveting game of chutes and ladders

AND, my favorite picture of the week 
Smiley ~ dressed and ready to go (although, I'm not sure where!)


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh did that last one crack me up!

It's a sad day around here too, we are NOT happy they canned Hines :(

the treat girl said...

Yup! The last one was my fav too :)....still can't believe Hines is going. Gonna miss his smile!