Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanna Play?

So I have a secret.

I like to watch American Idol.

And, for the past couple seasons I've been participating in an American Idol Fantasy League with my bloggy friend Jennifer Juniper from Hope Studios.

(Watching AI last season with my girly)

Now that the season has started ~ the auditions  started last night ~ we are seeking out all you American Idol fans.  So whether you are a proud American Idol Fan, or a secret, hiding fan, we are calling out to you to come and play with us!

Here are the details ~

  • Jen's husband is not allowed to play, you can read why here.  
  • My husband chooses not to play (because he ummmm "doesn't like" American Idol), but attempts to give as much advice as possible (really, he doesn't like it!)
  • The actual league website doesn't open until after auditions and Hollywood week.  Play doesn't start until they reach 15... or is it 16 contestants.
  • It's easy to play ~ all you have to do is rate the contestants before they sing each week.
  • NO MONEY IS INVOLVED ~ it's all about friendly competition and bragging rights around here :)
So have I enticed you to come over to the fantasy side?

Yes, yes I have!


All you have to do right now, is shoot me your email address to or leave me a comment here.

When the fantasy website opens up, either Jen or I will send you an email with log in and game information.

It's as easy as that!

And until then, I am embracing the camera, with my friend Jennifer Juniper..... In Idol Creepiness :)

Oh, and watch out, because when this one gets a little bit older, she just might be the next American Idol!


Ruthie Hart said...

OMG a fantasy league?! that is hysterical! I dont watch idol but I will for sure be telling my hubby about the fantasy league since he is OBSESSED with fantasy football!

BeCr8iv said...

Oh I am so in!!!

Tatiana said...

I love American Idol, I just don't always follow along.
But your little cutie? A def. future contestant.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I always stick grass in my toes when I sing too. :)