Monday, September 26, 2011

A 2 year old in a white dress

Saturday was the day.  
The day Smiley put on her beautiful white dress and enjoyed playing the role of flower girl.  
Or, did she?

Here's how the day went down.

Smiley and I arrived at the church at 2:15 for pictures.  

And while she was waiting for her turn in front of the photographer's camera, there was:

Spontaneous Posing




Then, we moved locations and headed to a field.  And luckily after a few swipes from some baby wipes, her dress remained..... mostly clean :)

Five hours after we arrived for pictures, it was time for the wedding.
She and the ring bearer walked down the aisle beautifully.

She took her place next to the bridesmaids.

Gently placed her flower basket on the floor and proceeded to make a face
that looked something like this:

unfortunately, this was so unexpected that I was NOT camera ready ;(

Giggles engulfed the congregation.
From my pew in church, I finally convinced her to pick her basket back up, but she had to give her sister one last look:

She continued to stand in the front of the church.  As I watched her, I could tell she was beginning to "zone out" and daydream.  All of a sudden, she dropped her basket and the flower petals inside spilled out onto the floor.  She looked at the floor.  She looked at me.  She looked at the floor and I watched.  I watched her little face begin to get sad.  Very sad and soon she was sobbing and running down from the alter to me.  She felt so bad about dropping her basket.  

One of the bridesmaids reached down and picked up the petals and basket.  No worries.  

Smiley was still worried.  When I finally convinced her it was no big deal.  She decided it would be ok to go take her place in the front of the church again.  She walked up and forcefully grabbed HER (hee hee hee.....) basket from the bridesmaid.

And then, she looked at me.  And it was the look.  The same look she had when she dropped her basket.  And the tears came again.  I'm not sure why ~ maybe nerves, maybe she was a little tired, maybe......who knows, but it started again.  The tears began to fall.  She came running down from the alter back to me.

She continued to sit on my lap until almost the end, at which time she made her way back to the front and proceeded to walk out with the ring bearer.

With a little help from the Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Then we were off.

Off to dance and..... have cake :)

Smiley, who loves music and to dance, actually began rolling around on the dance floor
before the music even began.

And when your sister is lying on the floor, you must jump over her:

When the music finally did start,  man did that girl dance.
Actually, all three of these fabulous kiddos danced like crazy.

They danced and danced and danced.

When she had to sit out a dance.  She crashed.

(and yes, it was midnight)

She was a BEAUTIFUL flower girl at a beautiful wedding.
What a fabulous weekend, that of course, went!


Sandra Kohlmann said...

It sounds like Smiley did a great job being flower girl, and had a great time, too! What a cutey!

Melissa said...

wow, what a beautiful flower girl!!!

ah, that just broke my heart hearing how sad she got when she dropped the basket. that would have totally been my daughter. she is so sensitive.

five hrs before the wedding...that is so long even for adults.

she did so good!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That was hilarious that you knew the rule about having to jump over your sister if she is lying on a dance floor :) I'm pretty sure my own brother would still do that today!

That wedding looked like FUN!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

She is so sweet! Adorable in that dress. Sounds like she did pretty good for such a long day. Poor thing with the tears... aww! Looks like everyone had fun dancing! :)

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

ADORABLE! She's just adorable and the poor little thing was, quite honestly, a trooper to make it through all that. Love the pics.

kinze said...

aw ... what a doll ... looks like she had the time of her life :)