Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hit by a Semi?

What a cliffhanger, huh?

Wondering what I'm talking about?  Well, if you read my last post, you'll know that my family and I were traveling when all of a sudden, I pointed out that there was a semi coming straight at us!


You got me, we are all safe and sound as this semi was being towed away!  

But I did get some shock and awe out of the kids :)

Which was pretty funny ~ HA!

Anyway,  once we got to our destination, we checked into our hotel, called up my brother and headed to the pool.  Nothing fancy, but fun non the less!

Then we were off to do some mini-golf with my parents and my brother.

We attempted to keep score.  Not so sure any of us care to know what the final numbers were.  We do know we had a lot of fun!

Day 2 ~ off to the Zoo:

Action was very happy to have his Uncle and Grandpa around to swing him.

Of course there were 


And Tigers....

and Bears.....

ok, so I didn't get pictures of any bears, but I did get a picture of some alligators:

And a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure (or for our family to see if you're not interested)

Cheesecake Factory

Another Fabulous Day

Unfortunately Sunday we had to head home.  

Another LONG day in the car. 


LAKE DAY!  Come back later to see the fun that ensued.

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Danyelle said...

Looks like a very fun weekend!