Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today (so far) in Numbers

6 ~ time alarm went off

8 ~ degrees when I took our dog for a walk

4 ~ number of breakfasts I made

2 ~ the number of kids I put on the bus

712 ~ number of calories burned during my 1 hour spin class

2 ~ stores that I had to go to after my workout

5 ~ Christmas presents I wanted to purchase

2 ~ that I was able to purchase

1 ~ sippy cup that was thrown in a store by Miss Smiley her feisty little self (thankfully it was filled with ONLY water)

5 ~  Christmas cards delivered by the mail lady today

2 ~ piles of chips Smiley put on the table for lunch (so very helpful)

1 ~ tuna wrap eaten by me

1 ~  container of yogurt, 3 pieces of salami and 2 carrots eaten by Smiley (See those 2 piles of chips?)

1 ~ feisty, mischievous, independent 2 year old laying down for a nap

1 ~ mama who needs to get crackin' on my Christmas crossword so I can get my cards out!

What are your numbers so far today?

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Very cute idea on a post :))) I totally need to take a spin class! Cheers to you!