Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Vacation

I think I would be rich if I could invent some sort of contraption that would slow time down in the summer.  How can three months go by so quickly?  Three whole months of sports, friends, sun, fun and relaxation.  I'm not sure, but they did.   And in those three months, I only managed to put together two blog posts.  Only two?  My kids started back to school last tuesday, Sept 2nd  (which is, and will be, a blog post of it's own) and I have finally sat myself down in front of the computer to catch up.

Although I didn't blog much, we indeed did have a fun summer, let me show you:

Warning: Here comes the photo overload

Action had a fun baseball season.  

A short break during a 13 mile bike ride with the family

Sassy's softball team played in a Nationals Tournament.  They placed 4th out of 72 teams.  
They played 10 games and Sassy pitched in every one of them.
Hanging out between games 
Sassy even got Smiley to pitch a little

A very relaxing day on the lake

When we were on a weekend camping trip with friends, this stray cat decided it wanted to be part of our group.

I celebrated my birthday with my family ~ and mmmm..... an ice-cream cake!

A fun morning doing a little painting at our local Color Me Mine

Some state fair fun which included seeing a not quite 1 day old baby pig, rides and treats to name a few things:

 And even when the summer softball season ends, the pitching never does.  Lets just say she is very happy her fall softball season has started up.  She didn't like having to take two whole weeks off :)

And it has been our tradition the last few years to make gak the week before school starts, 
this year was no different.

This is simply a snapshot!  There was so much more we did, more softball, more baseball, more lake time, more crafts, more playing, and great times with friends, bonfires, crafts, water fun and just time relaxing.  It was a great summer!  

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