Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer is flying by.....

July, the time of the year when the sun rises early and sets late.  The days are long and we are all trying to enjoy these carefree summer days.  Vacation bible school has come and gone, volleyball camps are over and high school open gyms are in full swing before next month's tryouts.  Baseball is winding down for Action with only a couple of games left, same with Sassy and softball.  She has her final tournament this coming weekend ~ Nationals.  However she is not looking forward to a break from softball and is already looking forward to some late summer clinics and fall softball.   Smiley has been participating in a variety sports class and has played a little t-ball and soccer so far.  She asks to play catch and "hit" about every day though.  Action is currently involved in a golf camp ~ another passion of his.

Summer is flying by, our days are full (my blogging time is very little), but we are still finding time to relax and enjoy each other.  We have found time to hang together, see a few movies, hit the pool, the lake and spend time with friends.  I am looking forward to filling the next 6 weeks with more ~ more fun, more sports, more family and friend time and more relaxation.

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