Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is by far one the best recipes I have pinned.
Everyone in my house loves it.
My Mother-In-Law requested the recipe.
And it is super easy to make!

What is it you ask?

On the Table for Two blog, it is called "Chick-Fuh-Lay Sauce"

Around here, we simply call it honey mustard sauce.

Typically we use it for chicken, but my Mother-in-Law also made it to go with a pork tenderloin and that was tasty as well.

I usually serve this sauce with grilled chicken breasts.  I do hhave to add, Action and Smiley do not typically like to eat chicken.  But, with this honey mustard sauce on the side, there is no stopping them.

This simple dip recipe is definitely a keeper and if you haven't tried it already, what are you waiting for!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Did you all have a good Halloween?

I know my kids had a blast.  Once we ate our traditional Halloween dinner, they had fun dressing up, showing off their costumes and of course wandering the neighborhood seeking out the house that handed out the best treats :)  Someone was actually handing out hand warmers.

  How practical!  Those will definitely come in handy this winter!

Anyway, the kids came up with their own ideas for costumes this year and I just let their creativity flow.

Here are the characters that ended up leaving our house on Halloween: