Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Let me just start with ~ my injured foot.... STILL.HURTS (unfortunately I think this is going to be a long recovery process).

But that's not stopping me from getting out from behind the camera and getting into the picture.  So, here I am, doing what I do at least 3 times a day (thanks to 4 year old Smiley for snapping the pictures):

Hubby left for a business trip on Monday ~ and this is the text I got from him as he was waiting to board his plane:

(don't judge ~ someday I'll graduate to a "smart phone")

So glad he is back today ~ I'm tired of being a single mom (kudos to all of you who are ~  it is not an easy task!)

Oh, and don't let me forget ~ get out from behind the camera and get in front of it.  Even something as boring as icing your foot will make for good stories and interesting memories!  And if you do step out, let me know and send me a link via email or comments!

1 comment:

Jennifer Juniper said...

I know you have been struggling with this and at the first sign of plantar fascitus last month I dropped everything for ice and a week's break. You scared me into doing it!

I hope you feel better.