Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

In the 13 years my husband and I have lived in this state, there have only been 3 snow days.  And that number includes yesterdays.  I skipped my 5am workout so Hubby could get on his way to work earlier than normal, before traffic became completely insane.  His typical 20 minute drive took 35 mins.  Not too bad considering if he would have left at his typical time, he would have been in the car for at least 1 hour.  Anyway, Hubby left at about 5:50.  The phone rang at 6.  "This is *****, superintendent with ***** district # ****.  Classes have been cancelled today............"  I instantly knew the kids would be super excited.  When I heard Sassy turn the shower on at 6:40 I bolted to her bathroom and yelled through the door "NO SCHOOL"  The squeal and "happy dance" she broke into made my day :)

Well, snow day means snow so while the Sassy and Action played with neighborhood friends, Smiley and I got to work.  We piled on the snow gear:

and got busy shoveling
(fine, she shoveled, I took pictures ~ ha)

Lifting with her knees ~ good girl!

After shoveling the front entry, a strip from the entry down the driveway and half of the front sidewalk, we figured "Daddy" could just use the snow blower when he got home from work, and decided it was time to play, be goofy....

and make snow angels

What a perfectly lazy, smile filled snow day!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

snow days are the best! i remember waiting *patiently* when we were in school for the snow days to be called! always had so much fun on those days! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

We had a snow day too! Very rare here as well and the kids were so excited they got up early so as not to miss any of it!