Thursday, January 12, 2012


There is a second grader who happens to live in our house, who is not fond of homework.  If I had to  guess, at least once a week there are tears.  Sometimes more.

He likes things to be easy.... or for someone to simply give him the answers.  Unfortunately, homework isn't always easy for him, and I definitely won't be telling him the answers.

Help him find them though?


Last night we were working on spelling words.  His test is today.  He broke out into massive giggles every time I asked him to spell "duties".  After all, he does "duties" in the toilet.  HAhaaaaaaaaa.......  yep, he is definitely a boy!

Anyway, here we are, working on spelling words.

And there aren't any tears :)

(pay no attention to my nasty middle finger.  Slammed that baby hard in the door.  When did I do that you ask?  The week before HALLOWEEN!)


Tara said...

your finger! OUCH! I can't believe its still like that this long after!

hahaa about the "duties"

Très bien said...

Ow!! It takes forever for that kind of thing to grow out :[ At least you have a story to share for a while! :]
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Très bien

Tatiana said...

aww... You're such a sweet momma! And oh my, your finger! That looks painful!

xo katrina said...

yup. i have a very similar second grader in my house as well. and omg. i did the same thing on my middle finger, except on my right hand!!!! the nail is falling off in parts. lol those darn car doors just don't pay attention to where they're going!

Melissa said...

Sounds like we are having the same homework experience on a weekly basis...tears, little miss is only in 1st grade.

It's always a good day when they are having fun during homework.

Oh and it isn't just boys who find all those type of words funny ;)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thank goodness my boys are pretty good about homework - they don't like it but they know they have to get it done and get back out the door for evening sports!

I thought you were doing statement nails and getting all fancy on us :)

the treat girl said...

My second grader is hit or miss....he gets all frustrated and has tears some days....other days he sits right down and cranks it out all by himself. I wish it were the "other" days everyday :)