Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pet Peeves of the Week

Time to get a few things off my chest ~ feel free to chime in at any time!

Things that have driven me crazy this week:

1. Store managers who are on a power trip. You want an example? Ok, picture Target. A woman goes up to the customer service counter to return some women's pajamas. She has a receipt and the tags are still on the items. The store manager is working the counter and proceeds to tell the woman the items cannot be returned because she has defaced the tag (the one with the bar code and price on it) and no one would want to purchase such an item. What could the woman possibly have done to the tag? Umm, she blacked out the price on the items because they were gifts. Yep, that's right a little swipe of a sharpie. HOW DARE SHE!

2. People who upload photos onto facebook or other sites without rotating them ~ um no I do not want to look at you sideways!

3. Being sick. No explanation needed.

Ah, I feel much better.  Thanks for letting me vent. 
What is bugging you this week?


Happy Mom said...

Do you know how to tell time? Then be on time. My time is just as valuable as yours.

Wendy said...

Happy Mom, I hope you are not referring to me:)

Lisa Anne said...

What bugs me this week. People who are rude and don't even know it. I am amazed at how people act, it just blows my mind. Especially people in a work environment. Grrrr