Friday, January 22, 2010

6. Really?

I don't know how it's possible.

Because it doesn't feel like it's been 2,190 days since I first held this little guy.

Although he is not so little anymore.

But today I celebrate my little Action.

My sometime snuggler.

Lover of boats and the trailers that go with them, garbage trucks, street sweepers, semi trucks, and race cars.
(keep in mind that quite a few of these were the very one's that Daddy played with as a little boy)

(Yes, that is Action with his bike hitched up to our boat ~ he was ready to go to the lake)

Little picky eater. Oh, if only I would let him eat chicken and french fries, poptarts, donuts and cookies every day for the rest of his life ~ pure heaven ~ unfortunately (fortunately actually!) for him I will not.

(Yep, he's digging for the marshmallows)

Lover of all sports ~ and really he likes to play them all, but all of them within a 20 minute time frame ~ thankfully our attention span is getting a bit longer.

Sensitive guy.

Stubborn little stinker.

AMAZING little boy.

Happy birthday to you (you little goofball)!

Unfortunately, this is not my little guy today.  Because today, he is snuggled up in the chair holding onto a bucket;
 not feeling so hot)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Action! Hope you feel better soon!