Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If your kids want to open Presents.....

We always have a quiet, fun, family night the evening before we get together with extended family members for Christmas.

So this will be tonight.


Since I am accepting help in cleaning the house without many takers (much to my dismay) They have been told that if the the house is clean, they can open their presents tonight.  (Ok, you got me.  They would be able to anyway!)  I know, I am SOOOO demanding.

Heres what has happened:

The deck has been shoveled:

Things have been dusted:

Laundry has been folded:

So tonight we will enjoy being together ~ just us ~ before the chaos begins (good chaos, that is).

Not that we wouldn't have anyway, but now, it will be in a clean house :)


Linda said...

What cute little helpers you have...Merry Christmas to you and your family!


sawicky99 said...

Merry Christmas! LOVE IT! There's a blog I read where a pastor posts "why I had kids...part x" and then it would have pictures similar to yours. SO super funny! Thanks for making me laugh tonight! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!