Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas decor tour ~ day 3

Only two days? No way, of course there is more!

Why is it when you have people over everyone hangs out in the kitchen?

Even at our first house (all 1400 square feet of it), everyone hung out in the kitchen. It was tiny! Enough room for a sink with cabinets on one wall (4 on top, 6 on bottom), and on one wall adjacent to that, the fridge ~ yes, that is as deep as the kitchen was. And the other adjacent wall? The stove with a few cabinets above. The rest opened up through a large arch into the ummm... dining room? I don't think I can call it that. Eat in kitchen ~ maybe. There was enough room for a table. A very small table ~ from Ikea for $129 for the table and 4 chairs. Similar to this one. Oh, and if you are wondering, we still have that table, and it is perfect for when the kids are coloring, gluing and painting on it ~ well not on it, but sometimes). Before that we had a nice oak table, but we had to pull it out and rearrange for just about every meal. Annoying.

Anyway, I think I was suppose to be talking about my Christmas decorations. Oops, its late and I've been working on creating my Christmas cards maybe I'll tell you about those at a later date.

Did you get a tree this year? Was it a real one? Did you your hubby have to trim off any low branches? What did you do with these fragrant little lovies?

Here's what I did.

So easy, simple looking and wonderful smelling!

 I never know quite what to put up here ~ since you can see it from both sides.

Here is the fall decor:

And now as Christmas:

I do want to get different
letters/words, but this is
what I have for now.

And since we are having a small holiday brunch with a few close friends on Saturday morning, I bring you the dining room (hopefully we will leave the kitchen ~ ha):

A little fall (see what I mean about seeing it from both sides?) :

And now:

Oh, and since I'm working on my Christmas cards tonight, I am just wondering if you are getting the pictures you want of your family? 

Personally, I'm having some problems:


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture cracks me UP! I'm cheating this year and ordered photos from the photos we had taken at the beach this year!

I love the holiday decorating, but no - they will never leave the kitchen. Trust me :)

the treat girl said...

Your photos are toooooooo funny!!!!! Loooovve the greens on the backs of your dining chairs!!!!!! And I think it is just an unwritten party rule, "STAY in the KITCHEN!!!"

Happy Mom said...

I love the family picture! I sure hope it makes it way into the Christmas card. :)