Monday, June 1, 2009

What a weekend

Enjoying family and friends was what our weekend was about.

Friday night we had friends over for dinner ~ the menu?

Hamburgers with all the fixings, blackberry and Feta salad with candied walnuts, pasta salad, and strawberry pie. Of course, beverages for the adults and lemonade for the kids.

After our friends and their kids left for the evening and our kiddos went to bed, we headed over to our neighbors house for a bonfire. There were about 10 adults there and we called it a night around 1am.

Saturday ~ a day at home. Sassy went to a birthday party and had a sleepover. The rest of us a little resting, a little of this and a little of that. That evening we went to our neighbors house for dinner (delicious ~ falling off the bone ribs), chatter and games. My dinner contribution ~ another pasta salad and an amazing chocolate cake. Which of course, was a new recipe. Yummy! I'll post the recipe another day. Home around midnight.

Sunday ~ I, myself made 3 trips (the rest of the clan just 1) to and from church, found out our FAVORITE priest is being moved to a new parish (very bummed which may be an entirely separate post). Sassy sang at mass. We chatted with friends, sassy went to a movie (Disney's UP), planted some shrubs ~ that I will hopefully NOT destroy, went to Sassy's spring gymnastics show and then out for dinner.

Fun, busy, relaxing, humorous, faith filled, loving, wonderful weekend.

A few pictures from the weekend:

*And please keep some friends of ours in your prayers! They were just blessed with their 1st son through the miracle of adoption!

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